A series of mysterious murders leads a girl on a search to find her missing father, the lead suspect.

But did he disappear to escape the police, or to escape the real killer?

Is she stumbling down a path that will end up killing the few people who are dearest to her?


Gabriel Klavun's feature film, Primal Legacy (aka The Simple Solution, Blood Legacy, Filial Revenge), was shot on an extremely low budget over a tightly scheduled two week period in June, 2003. Over the course of the following 15 months the film was edited and scored and is now beginning to make it's first appearances.

After winning a production grant for a short film from the Digital Film Academy, located in New York City, Mr. Klavun had the use of a Canon XL1 on which the entire film was shot using DP Ben Pender-Cudlip (stills from the film can be found at Undrendered.org). Just out of acting school, Melissa Bickey, Matthew Sanda and Emily Klavun were cast in the leading roles, along side of local acting talents Andrew Bolevice, Markus Limberger, Martin Ping, Laurie McLeod, Nichole Colero and many others in upstate New York and the Berkshires where the film was shot.

Gabriel Klavun can be contacted at: ungabo#at#yahoo#dot#com


The Making of Primal Legacy
(from conception to completion)


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